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How do I become an "evangelizer" and cultivate disciples for Christ?

This is not an easy topic for many Catholics, but the easiest way is to move outward, covering one by one our spheres of influence.


To be effective evangelizers, we must convert ourselves to Christ every day, through a deeper personal daily prayer, regular participation in the Sacraments, and an active participation in our church communities.



Family and friends who may have even been baptized, but mistakenly believe that the message of Jesus Christ has nothing of value to offer them.  One could influence the "fallen away,"  "disengaged" or "alienated" not by making them our “project of conversion,” but by our witness to Christian living, sincere friendship and love.  Listening is a crucial ministry skill that helps the evangelizer to meet people where they are and make them feel they matter.

Our Parish

Some people in our parish might need another parishioner to strengthen their link to the community, to witness with excitement the importance of receiving the Sacraments.  Hospitality, conversation and friendship would certainly open the door to their continuous sense of belonging and believing.

The World 

Not every Catholic is called to knock on doors, but we are all called to be missionaries in our state of life and daily occupation.


We can use every day activities and expressions to talk naturally about our faith, not preaching, but simply following Jesus’s command that everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

Adapted from Eric Samon’s The Five Circles of Evangelization and Developing Disciples of Christ (Stanz, 2017)

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