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Equip Families

Parishes are given the great opportunity to assist parents in their vocation. 


Equipping and nurturing strong Catholic families begins with the process of marriage preparation.  In this process parishes can accompany young couples on their journey towards the sacrament, building strong relationships in the parish along the way.  Furthermore, newly weds are not forgotten after the wedding, but they are invited to participate in the active life of the church. 

Every marriage has room and opportunity for growth.  It is important for couples not to wait until a marital crisis but seek to nurture and enrich their marriage along the way.  Parishes providing marriage enrichment opportunities can be a great help to couples.  

Raising children is one of the greatest joys and struggles of family life.  Parents can use all the help they can get navigating the difficult terrain of today's society with their children.  Parishes responding to these real-life needs of parents can show them the parish is there to help and support.  

Please explore the sections below for ways parishes can support and encourage family life. 

The sacraments are not decorations in life. Grace is not given to decorate life but rather to make us strong in life, giving us courage to go forwards! And without isolating oneself but always staying together. Christians celebrate the sacrament of marriage because they know they need it! They need it to stay together and to carry out their mission as parents.

-Pope Francis,

Address to Families, October 26, 2013

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