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Stepping Stones

To follow Jesus means putting him first, and stripping ourselves of all the things that oppress our hearts.  
 - Pope Francis, Twitter, @Pontifex

As the heart of the disciple moves closer to Jesus, he might find his walk hindered by defects, past experiences that could inhibit his full acceptance of Jesus.  Parishes might want to consider offering opportunities to address any roadblocks, so the disciple can find ways to open his or her heart to grace and conversion.   

The primary fuel of interior transformation is found in the sacraments, especially regular Confession, spiritual direction, and a regular prayer life. In addition, the discernment of charisms, prayer ministries for healing and the discovery of God-given talents can be a very effective help in opening new avenues into deeper freedom in Christ. 

Resources to Consider

Heal the Wounds
A Pastoral Guide for those who can respond. 
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